Montag, 18. Mai 2009

Long exposure - no tripod

Although it was higly recommended I didn't bring my brand new tripod to antelope canyon (to be honest i didn't read the flyer before we went there). Which left me in a dilemma - while Jae-Seung was doing all these great shots. But with digital cameras you can always try! - even things, where you know they'll never work. There were some great spots where you couldn't put the camera against the wall - and I still did the shot. The first image is 6 sec, the second one is 30 sec exposure - freehand. I decided to try a similar thing like using the flash for night portraits. I tried to hold the camera straight for 2-3sec aiming at my capture (which is impossible) and then put it down to expose the sandy ground on the floor. I think it works a bit like noise averaging.
In this first view moments I would get high light contrasts which will dominate and therefor survive, when I later expose on the neutral homogeneous ground for a long time, to give the sensor time to collect enough light. And this somehow worked out.